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A Different Type of Self Portrait

New Earth “hand insignias” are vibrational expressions that resonate with our individual soul signature. Often used for discernment and growth these imprints can work as a guide in exploring the true essence of who we are, reminding us of a higher purpose.

It is within each swirl, curve or dot that we see our infinite uniqueness. When we embrace this spirit-infused consciousness and share it with the world around us we energetically empower our being to continually open up to more potentiality.

          “What does your soul want you to know?”


Why Hands

Hands are an outsource of our eternal spirit animating in the world of form. Each intuitive insignia provides you with a diagram. It’s an opportunity to discover and interpret aspects of your personal journey revealing individualized goals, dreams, and desires. Thus, allowing you to remember the source of your own true BEing.

How To Use Them

Hang them as art, or use them for meditation practice. I have heard some people make copies and put them under a glass of water to absorb and replicate the energetic structure. Whatever way you decide to use your hand insignia is perfect. Simply enjoy being with the essence of you inviting in your own expanded awareness.

Coming soon availability and pricing to purchase your very own hand insignia.