Blast Off

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 1292013EF1292013Despite the prevailing circumstances there is a common tread in our communication as Operation Ascension is opening a doorway of golden opportunities in our spiritual development. We are at the helm of our own ship, time travelers, building dimensional pathways flying high seeing ourselves for who we truly are. Light streams information as our tucked away desires explode creating a flickering effect...“Blast off” a lift off of sorts igniting a sense of pleasure and awe. We are earth humans homeward bound united with the eternal spirit sparking a divine presence :) handling our selves with ease and grace.


New Earth EnergyFlash ~ 9202012 Phoenix rising...If we had wings we would fly. We are hollow points on a trajectory path intermixed shadowed expressions of our true self. The very soul of Mother Earth “Gaia” is rising ascending the ark of time creating new expressions of sound and light. We witness the quantum field were her simultaneous birth and death generate plate shifts to a new place/space :) of origin.

We are seen as energy GOD’s through the eyes of creation “stepping out”.