Carried into the light

Awaiting Divinity

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 242013EF242013 We have reclaimed aspects of our hearts with unity in the divine, subtle vibrations build consciousness based solely on balance. Christ is taken back, risen, coded in the feminine, sacred and holy. This proverbial encounter ripens our soular placement with spiritual significance...We are inner woven patterns of circumstance vibrating accurate, enhanced unity choosing to work for the highest good.

Assured Harmonics Rise

New Earth EnergyFlash ~ 1182012We begin with duel antichambers of layered emotion opening the Lion’s Gate, energetically allowing the spontaneous rise of creation. Birthing a new field, infinity’s matrix where we all carry seeds into the light. Thus, the rise of a newly formed and balanced creator god the “YOU that is YOU”. (Concepts of earth-self become higher-self and our frequency rises...Where being is more important than doing.)



Chamber of Light

New Earth EnergyFlash ~ 10112012

Split, we are radiating the “violet light” with it’s rosy hue. We are blinded by the light as it projects a motif  but we’re not sure if it’s going in or coming out. It’s complicated yet another piece rooted in our denial. It’s cold so very cold welcoming ourselves into the inner sanctum. Our earthly existence is working backwards “sequencing” the temples ladder carrying us into the light.