Window World of Irregular Shape

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 11122012No longer could of, would of, should of... Imagine inside of us is a world that will never be the same. A mini environment of particles seesawing in record numbers creating lots of activity. Within each a nucleus expanding, growing and emerging into something new. We have a scathing reaction to this observation. But Why? Still bathed in natural light our window of opportunity is closing, we as the template of our world will never stay the same.

Fear Based Allegiance = Havock

New Earth EnergyFlash ~ 9262012

We are turned upside down while watching the outcome fear creates...recognizing our limitations as our inability to see the multiplicity in things. Adjustments are made and the dynamic “come out” bilocates us to open waters from point A to B to C projecting an endless array of possibilities. We see a riveting view of the new heaven on earth.