Plant PlayGround

Soular Knowing ~ Ownership

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 4252013 EF4252013The feminine divine meets the masculine and embraces for the first time, balanced pulse points flowing from the universal heart center. As urban seeders we are struck by a light of endless possibilities, alternating dynamics in the here and now.  It’s a unique affiliation initiating our God challenge to end duality. Self knowledge is the key that unlocks old patterns creating new multidimensional pathways. The emergence of our new perceptions in the 5D world are defined. We have the ability to see both sides simultaneously and proclaim our own “Magical KNOWING”.

Bridge to Planet PlayGround

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 442013 EF442013From the beginning we have been left alone to fend for ourselves (spirit driven repair)...starter seeds waiting, not very patiently, constructing criticism. What’s happening here? Now? A surprise encounter erupts and an avalanche of suppressed emotion escapes, creating a gap. We notice the hard core truth: We have to let the past go. It no longer exists in this world. We now are living creation “in the womb of balance”, encouraging new growth. Charmed into being, preparing for the flowering of life based on decisions made by conscious consensus. The key player here is “US” you and me.

Blossom, Flourish, Thrive

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 2152013EF2152013 New revelations come to light as we unfurl our very essence. The reality that what’s underground (subterranean) is as important to what’s above ground. We are back to basics stripping the layers to reveal a working WORLD environment, by experiencing new ways of grounding our multidimensional awareness to this earthen plane. It’s time to call it what it is, Planet (Play-Ground)...A place to grow and play, showering love.