Rotational Alignment

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 02142014EF2142014Remember when...we were working with concepts of birthing solid form? Now our primary point of focus is to BELIEVE. Live and BE from LOVE opening up discovering newness animating matter. With adherence to free will our universal center is expanding to engage with consciousness merging with the universal law of one integrating all parts back as a whole. We are playing in a dynamic unfolding based on manifestation, in the dance of life, where practice makes perfect :)

Symbolism in Myth

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 12312013EF12312013There is conflict between order and disorder. Our bodies are carrying distress integrated from another time line that is beckoning hidden aspects of our true-selves. As vibratory seeds we are no longer denying our spiritual perpetuity but waiting in anticipation at “THE OPENING” exposing, resurrecting, the pillars of light. Birthing a knowing inner child ready to play here and now on this new earth plane. Resilience is understanding the true nature in all things.

Trapezoid Reset

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 11252013EF11252013As an alien nation nobody said it was easy...Planted in this rough terrain our multidimensional awareness (floating pockets of information) is opening up limitless spacious arenas for multiplication and growth. We are larva before metamorphosis plugged into this ambiguous form divulging areas of concern with our higher selves. Discovering there are two sides to every story we are no longer controlling the outcome. Our goal is dissolving the myths of creation a window of accomplishment where hierarchy equaled anarchy.

Chaos is creation deserving illumination.

Divide and Conquer

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 8172013 EF8172013What is there to divide and conquer? Our fear of survival in eternal form.

Here on planet earth it is decision time. Many have lost the connection and must decide if they are IN or OUT. Giving lip service to an unknown source we are replicating our “godhead”. Literally changing form, building a future vision based from the annals of time. Shown here our spirit infused merkaba with representational abstraction housing our new heart unfolding.

A Serpents Tale

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 7312013EF7312013Not able to finish what we started emotionally...encouraging closure we are spiraling into the unknown abyss. Meeting ourselves in the HERE-AFTER, a flat plane of existence valvic in structure, we are placed on a pedestal. From an altering perspective “illumination of the soul.”

In light of all our concerns nature calls to us lending a hand assimilating the upheaval. Pending wether we are grounding our flow in broken arenas or building agility in energetic currency. These are all constructs of new earth living and the ways and means committee continues to seed our awareness.

We ask: How do we know?  We just do :)

Embryonic State

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 662013 EF662013Self sustaining and life influencing we are grasping our true potential. Activity in the Soular source is funneling a new creation theory. The serpent master descends releasing the karmic bonds igniting seeds of awareness and waves of self discovery. We are initiating and reinstating natural elements of earth as our cosmic brothers and sisters unite in the universal law of “ONE”.  Forming an energetic phenomenon of vertical overlap triggering harmony, peace and joy filled right relations.

Touch Down “Restoration and Reverence”

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 5242013Full Moon/LUNAR Eclipse

EF5242013As season veterans in this dance called life we are instinctually participating in the FIRE of transmutation elevating our consciousness in obscure means. Etheric angles descending into human form undulating in vibration to restore polarity as human consciousness expands to greet us. The serpentine magic of the Christ Consciousness envelopes us weaving a new energy matrix. The crowning glory is we experience a radiance of being...as a family of light “We radiate the joy and love” an equanimity to new earth living.

Soular Knowing ~ Ownership

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 4252013 EF4252013The feminine divine meets the masculine and embraces for the first time, balanced pulse points flowing from the universal heart center. As urban seeders we are struck by a light of endless possibilities, alternating dynamics in the here and now.  It’s a unique affiliation initiating our God challenge to end duality. Self knowledge is the key that unlocks old patterns creating new multidimensional pathways. The emergence of our new perceptions in the 5D world are defined. We have the ability to see both sides simultaneously and proclaim our own “Magical KNOWING”.


New Earth [energyflash] ~ 4122013 EF4122013Chaos has been examined and defined, reverence given it’s due. Intrinsic value is found in three. Unity’s pleasure is fibers of connectivity building a glorified world. We are solar emanations authenticating change, encouraging our own cosmic birth, forming woven particles of THE GOD POD.

THE GOD POD = Spirits Creative Powers at Play “Here and Now”

ReNewing our Birth Signature

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 3252013 EF3252013We are grounded in the magnetic core of polarity floating on the boundaries edge. Wary of our awareness as it permeates our very being.

If we are to reseed polarity it is time to realize what that is...the true you enters a state of “BEing” experiencing a sinuous birth, dropping into reality experiencing the view from inside out.

Infinity’s Loop is Changing

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 2262013 EF2262013The challenge now is articulating the change and stepping up to the inevitable. We are sharpening our perspectives resurrecting a TRUE nation. Activation particalization New Earth seeders (throwers and growers) igniting the flame of eternity. The TRUE you in a vortex of desire with inclinations of royalty.

“It’s not a race unfold with grace :)”