New Earth [energyflash] ~ 252013EF252013 While dreaming to live we give rise to higher powers and meet our SpiritSELF on the golden path. As seed carriers in flight we are planning, transforming, and nurturing our native landscapes, painting an energetic picture for all-that-is. It’s in this grand design we arise to completion balancing our light and shifting form, journeying to all outside aspects of SELF.

Reseeding Polarity


Energy Flash 952012 We are seeking balance in shape in this topsy-turvey world. The illuminated seeders PODers or elders of the pod are spiritual evangelists color coded to reseed polarity. Why? It’s a DO-OVER. We are gaining structure, pierced inside and out our altered view is a skewed mirror of circumstance. Welcome to the “Water World” where (form) is aided by a rainbow of descending color droplets.