Assured Harmonics Rise

New Earth EnergyFlash ~ 1182012We begin with duel antichambers of layered emotion opening the Lion’s Gate, energetically allowing the spontaneous rise of creation. Birthing a new field, infinity’s matrix where we all carry seeds into the light. Thus, the rise of a newly formed and balanced creator god the “YOU that is YOU”. (Concepts of earth-self become higher-self and our frequency rises...Where being is more important than doing.)




New Earth EnergyFlash ~ 9202012 Phoenix rising...If we had wings we would fly. We are hollow points on a trajectory path intermixed shadowed expressions of our true self. The very soul of Mother Earth “Gaia” is rising ascending the ark of time creating new expressions of sound and light. We witness the quantum field were her simultaneous birth and death generate plate shifts to a new place/space :) of origin.

We are seen as energy GOD’s through the eyes of creation “stepping out”.