Sharing Common Ground

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 626013 EF6262013Arriving on this planet was imminent. We are called to open up new corridors of light rebuilding earth’s blood and water restoring the natural presence of this deity. The stage is set the drapes pulled back...

We ask What am I doing?

Carrying the tourch of vintage earth a “play” ground for manifestation. Duality was fighting for our honor, the REALreality victory is ours. Dropping our swords we no longer fight to settle a point. The key to this unique balancing act is sovereignty to self and everything that has existed before.

Blossom, Flourish, Thrive

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 2152013EF2152013 New revelations come to light as we unfurl our very essence. The reality that what’s underground (subterranean) is as important to what’s above ground. We are back to basics stripping the layers to reveal a working WORLD environment, by experiencing new ways of grounding our multidimensional awareness to this earthen plane. It’s time to call it what it is, Planet (Play-Ground)...A place to grow and play, showering love.


New Earth [energyflash] ~ 252013EF252013 While dreaming to live we give rise to higher powers and meet our SpiritSELF on the golden path. As seed carriers in flight we are planning, transforming, and nurturing our native landscapes, painting an energetic picture for all-that-is. It’s in this grand design we arise to completion balancing our light and shifting form, journeying to all outside aspects of SELF.

Housing Soul Light

NewEarth Energy Flash ~ 992012 New Earth can’t ground in without assistance from the dark light it’s an agreement releasing structure as we know it. A pivot point, where multi-dimensional boundaries expand interplay between worlds. Old and New enmessed in light, altering participation spiraling upward and downward in perfect synchronicity. Anger, disappointment, RAGE, multiple tunnels, each emotion that was felt is held in suspension for us to generate into feeling (enliven or destroy). Today we see a glorified embodiment of the expanded structure adrift at sea manifesting the New Earth by engaging the minions. A vantage point held by light called the Fulcrum Effect equality to horizontal and vertical points of existence.