Holding Tension for Change

New Earth [energyflash] ~ 3182013

We are planted to thrive on new earth reverend for our lightness of spirit. Our primary way of being birthed from  PURE (true) thought seeds nurtured into form. They call us nation propagation. Seeders in preparation...learning to live in our own true centers where our world inside is manifest and made whole on the outside, birthed into plain view :) We are a new species of humans grounded in a vibratory frequency splitting/cracking apart age old practices enabling waves of evolutionary nurturance, honoring our spirit-self, in the voice of unity consciousness.

Reseeding Polarity


Energy Flash 952012 We are seeking balance in shape in this topsy-turvey world. The illuminated seeders PODers or elders of the pod are spiritual evangelists color coded to reseed polarity. Why? It’s a DO-OVER. We are gaining structure, pierced inside and out our altered view is a skewed mirror of circumstance. Welcome to the “Water World” where (form) is aided by a rainbow of descending color droplets.